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Privacy Policy

Personal information collected on this website will be used only to send our information, e-mails or questionnaires and to introduce our services by phone or fax.

Personal information collected on this project includes:

  • Organization (company) name, the name and department of the representative for the network, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and other information entered or provided upon registration for the network and mail magazine (through the website on the Internet). This project entrusts your personal information to a contractor who will protect this information appropriately (and with whom a nondisclosure contract has been entered into). Personal information collected in this project will never be provided to any third party except for the above contractor. We will never lend or sell this information to any name list dealer or other organization in the industry, or conduct any other similar activities. However, the following cases are excluded from this nondisclosure policy: when the relevant customer agrees to the disclosure of its own information, or when a judicial, governmental, or other similar organization requests the disclosure under the relevant law or regulation.

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